Right of withdrawal - Product take-back

Ethically, legally , keeping the customer will act in the interests eStore Services , which in turn can expect from buyers . The purchaser of the contract, the Government Decree 17/1999 , in accordance able to withdraw without giving a reason within 8 working days. The consumer's right of withdrawal from the date when the goods are received . If the vendor is not in compliance with Regulation informed consumer may exercise the right to cancel within three months from the date of receipt of the goods . If this takes place within three months from the information you eight working days to open their mind to the consumer begins to run from the date when the information was received . The amount paid by the consumer is obliged to sell immediately, but not later than thirty days after the refund of withdrawal. The consumer shall exercise the right of withdrawal due to costs incurred in connection with the return of the goods . The consumer should not be charged in addition to other costs . The total amount is paid back to the product's purchase price, transportation costs ( if paid by the purchaser) and the packing fee may be incurred . If the right of withdrawal does not apply to the whole package , the shipping fee will not be refunded.
Sometimes the product selected in the Web Store in reality, not so as that you would have liked . In such cases , do the following :
1 indicating dissatisfaction with the product our customer service , by phone at 20-4861380 or by e -mail ( )
2 our employees tell you , after the consultation (account retrieval, determine the value of the product ) that the product is to be or not ( braided cord and line only where they are used , washed clothes are just hidden , we can take back the case of emerging manufacturing defect during use ) .
The right of withdrawal is not the case when purchasing printed materials ( newspapers and books ) , audio material , video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, if you purchase an original unsealed . Otherwise only possible in the case of the shop and the customer agree in advance about special .
It is also not the case for the right of withdrawal of perishable and the nature of their products can not be returned either.
We take back unopened and undamaged without asking !
3 You give us a postal package product for return :
Eugene Balogh
2451. Ercsi 22 Main Street
Please package értéknyilvánítással give up , do NOT send it back to port or package loaded on delivery , because we can not take them !
4 On arrival our staff verifies the presence of witnesses and the integrity of its content . If a full -quality product specified by the customer account number and returned to you by bank transfer product value.
A written indication is also valid if the letter give up within 8 business days. ( Give up because of the date of dispatch of formulating a clear statement of cancellation by registered mail , please . )